Pre-loved sneaker guide

The sneaker game has gotten out of hand, we all know that. Prices are higher than ever, just like demand for aforementioned shoes. So your more cost-effective alternative is to buy a pre-loved pair. You did that, we did that, everybody does that so we don't necessarily have to pay the extra charge coming with a DS pair.



In this section we gathered all information you need to know about a used article's condition so you can decide if it fits your expectations. You'll find one of the ratings below in every pre-loved sneaker's description and with it comes a definition you can refer to.

VNDS - Very Near Deadstock. The shoes have been tried on indoors, maybe relaced then taken back to the box. Almost new condition.

9/10 - Shoes have been worn ~2-5 times in good weather, other than that flawless. Signs of wear are marginal, maybe some very basic creases that occur after 1-2 wears already.

8/10 - The sneakers have seen daylight several times while being taken care of. Creases are expected to be present, outsoles show some wear but the shoes are in overall good condition.

7/10 - Actively worn pair of shoes. Creases are obvious at this point, on top of signs of serious wear, flaws might occur on the upper or soles, heeldrag might also be present. But you can still wear them with pride because they still look like your next favorite sneaker, not an item that has been digested over a thousand years by a Sarlacc.

6/10 and below - You won't meet any items on our website in this category.

OG all - Original all. It means that the sneakers come with everything they were sold with initially, e.g. extra laces, hangtags, zip ties, original shoe box, etc.

OG none - Original none. The pair has no original accessories attached, only the sneakers themselves.